Wilde Horses

- Price with the huge glove save on Reilly Smith. Price holds his ground and makes an excellent save against Krug who had time to rethink all of his options three steamboats. Second period and Krejci has a breakaway and Price forces him wide to miss. Price on the Bruins power play with the cross-crease slide to stop Iginla was just a stunning save. Third period and no fault to Price as the Smith shot was screened. In the end as the game progressed Price became the reason the game was won. Over 50 saves and many of a difficult variety. Forget the playoff nerves. He's over that. He is a gold medallist. Just a little help from his mates and he has the cup goods.

- Subban with proof you need the puck to have eyes and not gunpowder. The power play goal was just a simple little shot with a screen in place. And just like that, we won't be talking about a weak power play for a spell. Then in double overtime he had a laser but he made sure it got beyond the traffic.

- Rene Bourque had 9 goals in 63 games in the regular season. He has 4 in 5 playoff games. Honestly I have no idea what is going on. I asked him why he is so good. He said I don't know. That makes all of is.

- Gorges with the second highest ice time on the Habs behind only Subban. Usually at this point in the year Gorges is nursing 15 minor injuries from the hits he takes, blocked shots and his own dedication. The hand injury was perfectly timed for Gorges to hit the playoffs in good health and high energy.

- Eller has really turned his season around. That size he has to win puck battles is so vital for the playoffs. He is the centre for the number one line by contribution for the playoffs with Gionta and Bourque. That is the shock that gets you far in the playoffs if the top line of Desharnais can do what it has to.

Wilde Goats

- It had to be a hard night for Travis Moen getting back in after a concussion whose symptoms lasted three weeks. You need him eventually, but first game back is just not going to be good at the best of times and certainly not in Boston for game one. Bergevin must be wishing he could have played a game in Hamilton. Bournival should have been in. The Habs are trying to win this with speed anyway.

- Prust had to block the shot on the tying goal. He didn't actually skate out to the shot but to the side of the puck and the shot. My view was perfect. Prust did not commit to it. I Don't think Prust's ribs allow him to play how he needs to, to be successful. Prust has to be involved and messy. Worrying about your ribs isn't going to help that. This seems to be a chronic injury and I wonder and worry for him that perhaps it is not operable. I don't know this to be truth, but if it is last year's playoffs injury why has it not been dealt with? Tough spot for Prust. He has a good hockey soul. This surely sits poorly in him.

- Pacioretty has to do so much more than he has done in the playoffs so far. Just one goal. He doesn't look like a player who can elevate. He must figure it out or there is no long-term Habs success.

- Vanek was pulled for two periods from the top line. He deserved it but it isn't a wise move. It takes the momentum away from two lines as Weise moved to Vanek's spot.

Wilde Cards

- The fans happiest when someone is getting hit. The Bruins really respond to it and get big energy from it. It is very unlike Montreal.

- Cups are won down the middle. The Bruins have two amazing two-way centres. Krejci and Bergeron are both Selke-types. This is one of the key reasons the Habs are limited. Desharnais is a good hockey player, don't get me wrong here, but the Bruins have the cup-winning pedigree. Toews wins cups. Bergeron wins cups. What can Galchenyuk bring when he matures? Is he that echelon? You have to have it. Look at how good Backes is. Great player. He isn't Toews though. Talk all you want about coaches and systems. Talented players win cups.