Wilde Horses

- Price. You know why. He's the best goalie in the world. I will say it again. As the players left the ice, the fans were chanting Carey. He was the MVP this season. No doubt. He's a technical and physical marvel. His glove seems to be getting even faster if that is possible. He snatched a Nash snap shot labelled and like lightning like it was nothing.

- Bouillon impressively took on Dorsett and did not hesitate to protect his teammate. Not an easy decision but he showed up courageously. His teammates noted it when he returned to the bench with a lot of praise. Teams are made of sacrifice in sports. That's a good team moment.

- Gionta. Home ice on the line with a penalty shot and that move was money. A great deke. A great finish to a great season. Expectations past so often. Many picked them out of the playoffs but they dance on Wednesday. All credit to a group of players who have outstanding character and commitment.

Wilde Goats

- The Habs are not exactly firing entering the playoffs on a roll. They are in one of those offensive funks they get into after their coaching staff convinces them high-scoring wins are not the right kind of wins. If you don't like 6-3 over the Avs one of the best teams in hockey because it wasn't the right way then you're gonna have to sacrifice something to play the right way, as in offence. Doesn't make for a lot of happy fans cheering but I suppose the coaches feel like they're playing tight smart hockey.

- The power play is 0 for the last 23. They use to have the Subban weapon. Now that Subban is being focused on they haven't found a weapon down low to readjust to the first adjustment. Point counterpoint is how this works but the coaching staff has no counterpoint. They'll need one soon.

- The search for Pacioretty's 40th hurt the club down the stretch. They worked too focused on it and not the overall. It is the human condition. It means his mates cared. That's okay. It hurt in the standings but they wanted their mate to have a magic moment. That's sports. Nothing to get angry about. That's life. You hope you can win and get it done for your mate. Sometimes it just doesn't happen just because of best intentions.

Wilde Cards

-It doesn't appear Travis Moen will be ready for the start of the playoffs Wednesday. What a shame. That crazy code that changes from one night to the next made Moen come in to protect Weise after he was hit into the boards by Miller three weeks ago. Moen fights Miller and gets concussed held up by two mates and a trainer all the way to the dressing room. Moen should have not gone in especially considering the Miller hit was if dirty at all then marginally as mostly Weise lost an edge. Protecting players has hurt the club. Bourque is not even close to the same player since returning from months on the sidelines last season after Colton Orr one punched him to the ice.

- Brandon Prust will likely return for game one. Most likely Prust has a rib injury as last season he said he had to pop it back in. The problem seems chronic and one wonders if there is a surgery to stop this from reoccurring.