The managers of the Caisse de Depot have some 'splainin to do.

But the Liberals and Parti Quebecois do not agree on who should be hauled up in front of the National Assembly Finance Committee to explain why they made risky investments that led to the 40 billion dollar loss.

Premier Jean Charest wants to limit the enquiry to the managers of the Caisse.

"Its important that this parliamentary committee be held and that people have the opportunity to speak and those who made the decision come and explain what they did," he said.

The opposition, on the other hand, wants to hear from Charest himself, plus his finance minister Monique Jerome Forget and depositors, such as the auto insurance board.

"It is not possible to have serious discussion and analysis if we do not have these data first,"

The government would like the process to be quick, but the Parti Quebecois has indicated it will wait until it can see all relevant documents from the Quebec pension fund manager.