Hema-Quebec is making an urgent call for blood donations as the province steadies into its seventh COVID-19 wave.

"In the coming weeks, Hema-Quebec needs to collect 500 more blood donations every week to meet the needs of hospitals," the organization stresses. "The call is for all blood types, especially O negative, A positive and A negative."

Hema-Quebec admits that typically, during the summer, "it is always a challenge to keep the blood supply at an optimal level."

Anyone willing to roll up their sleeve can make an appointment on the Hema-Quebec website or call 1 800 343-7264 (SANG).

"We are currently doing our best to be as flexible as possible to admit donors who come without an appointment," Hema-Quebec states. "Every donation counts. One donation can save three lives."

Before arriving at a blood drive, people can also check their donation eligibility with donor services at 1 800 847-2525 or online.

Anyone who makes a blood donation appointment but is unable to show up is strongly encouraged to cancel in advance so their spot can be freed up to others.