The beans are roasted to perfection before being ground, milk is beaten to within an inch of its life, and the pour is ever so delicate.

This ain't the standard cuppa joe at Timmie's.

It's the Eastern Regional Finals in the Barista Championships, taking place Sunday at the Just for Laughs museum in downtown Montreal.

The city's top baristas are churning out a dozen espressos, cappuccinos, and coffee-based beverages of their own creation, then being judged on what they've produced.

And since nobody likes waiting around for coffee, competitors only have 15 minutes to prepare and serve their drinks.

The first round of competiton took place last weekend in Toronto, and other regional finals take place in Victoria and Calgary over the next three weeks.

The top three baristas from each region will move on to the finals at the Canadian National Barista Championship, taking place October 14 & 15 in Vancouver.

Canada's top barista will then represent the nation at the World Barista Championship in England next year.

Streaming video of the competition is available here.