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Bar in Montreal's Village evacuated after threats made during 911 call

Montreal police (SPVM). FILE PHOTO (Daniel J. Rowe/CTV News) Montreal police (SPVM). FILE PHOTO (Daniel J. Rowe/CTV News)

A bar in Montreal's Village needed to be evacuated after someone made threats during a 911 call.

Montreal police (SPVM) said that around 7:25 p.m., threats were made against the establishment on Ste. Catherine Street East near De Champlain Street.

Police ordered the evacuation and spent the next hour and a half carrying out checks to verify the threat.

During that time Ste. Catherine Street was closed to vehicle and foot traffic between Champlain Street and Papineau Avenue.

"After an investigation, the threats were unfounded," said SPVM spokesperson Veronique Dubuc.

No suspect has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing. Top Stories


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