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Another Montreal driver says chunk of concrete fell on his car while driving


Another motorist says his car was hit by falling concrete while driving on the Island of Montreal.

A Pointe-Claire resident says his car was hit by concrete that fell from an overpass on Highway 20. The Fenelon overpass in Dorval appears to be in good shape but upon a closer look it's clear that debris has been falling off.

On Monday afternoon, while Greg Desmarais and his son were driving west under the bridge when there was a loud bang on the roof of his car.

"Out of the split of my eye I saw an object in the air behind the car. So I figured it was a piece of concrete that fell off the overpass," he told CTV News.

Desmarais says he got lucky — the falling concrete bounced off his roof racks, leaving a sizable dent, but there was no damage to the actual car.

"I think it could have gone otherwise had it gone through the windshield. I don't know [what] the outcome would have been, it would have been in one of our laps, I suppose, and the results of that could be disastrous," he said.

Earlier this month, a West Island couple also had a piece of falling debris land on their car while driving on Highway 40. They told CTV News at the time they believe the chunk fell off the Highway 13 overpass.

They weren't injured but their car was badly damaged.

"We just saw this huge meteor-shaped piece of concrete fly towards us. And it went right into our windshield," Dan Cholewa said at the time.

In that case, the transport ministry inspected the Highway 13 overpass and found no issues with the structure and concluded the debris likely fell off a truck that hit a pothole.

When asked about issues with the Fenelon overpass, a transport ministry spokesperson said inspectors are conducting an investigation. But for Desmarais, the state of the infrastructure throughout the city is a real concern.

"I think our government works a little bit in a defensive manner instead of a proactive manner, which is what's concerning," he said. Top Stories

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