Some Trudeau airport employees are upset after being told they must choose between losing jobs or losing pay.

Members of one of the airport's unions gathered in the lobby of a hotel Friday morning for a scheduled meeting with management.

However the meeting was abruptly cancelled.

The union says the airport is threatening to lay off almost 100 information agents and employees in the Administration and permit office if union members don't accept a 30 percent pay cut. 

This as Canada's unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level since 1976.

Aeroports de Montreal said that as a non-profit organization it must look for ways to cut costs, and said it could do so by subcontracting many positions, which it argues is allowed under the existing union contract.

ADM said it has not yet made a final decision, but that if it cuts jobs, it would not do so this month.

A meeting between management and the union is scheduled for next week.