The City of Dorval has decided to drop specific breeds from its proposed dangerous dogs bylaw.

Dorval city council introduced a draft of the bill Monday night that named 12 breeds - including Rottweilers, pit bulls and German Shepherds - that would have been considered potentially dangerous dogs. Those breeds would be required to wear a muzzle at all times in public.

But after much public outcry, the city has decided to remove that part of its proposed bylaw less than 24 hours after it was proposed.

"Following the conversation of yesterday, we've had with the citizens… we are going to remove it. That's democracy," said Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau.

Dog trainer and owner of a three-year-old pit bull, Meira Frankl is pleased with the reversal.

"The residents of Dorval as well as other concerned dog owners of many different breeds, have spoken up and voiced their opinions. A lot of people backing their opinions with science," she said.

Breed-specific legislation, she said, unfairly targets dogs based on their appearance instead of their behaviour and lets dog owners off the hook. 

Removing that element brings Dorval's bylaw more in line with the City of Montreal.

That's a good thing, said Frankl.

"I definitely agree with a dangerous dog law. 100 per cent. Everyone deserves to be safe," she said.

Other parts of the bylaw that will remain: owners of dogs who have shown aggressive behaviour would have to keep their animals muzzled in public and display a clear sign on their property.

The modified bylaw is expected to be tabled at Dorval's next council meeting in October.