The woman suspected of abducting a day-old infant from a hospital has been charged with two counts of kidnapping, despite curently being on a ventilator in that same hospital.

Officers says that Valerie Poulin-Collins is not well enough to be interrogated.

Crown prosecutors told reporters she was on a ventilator, but they still expected she would be arraigned in court by Thursday afternoon.

They said they decided to go ahead with the charges despite her current conditions due to overwhelimng evidence.

Crown prosecutors and police would not confirm earlier reports she attempted to injure herself.

“For now, the medical situation of the accused is that she can’t appear in court,” said spokespoerson for the Crown prosecutor's office Jean-Pascal Boucher.

Poulin-Collins, 21, is accused of walking into the hospital disguised as a nurse on Monday evening and taking Victoria Boisclair, born just hours earlier.

She faces one count of kidnapping a person under 14 and another count of kidnapping and confinement of a person under 16, both in relation to the newborn baby.

A friend of Poulin-Collins told La Presse that the woman came to her house with a baby on Monday, and that the three went shopping for diapers and other baby items.

According to La Presse, Poulin-Collins said she had adopted the child from a teenaged couple, and had been trying to adopt for two years.

On Monday evening the Surete du Quebec issued an Amber Alert, and former neighbours recognized Poulin-Collins in a security photo distributed by police.

They went to her house and, spotting her car outside, notified police of her location.

Poulin-Collins was arrested three-and-a-half hours after the infant was abducted and was immediately taken to hospital.

She has been arrested before and is due in court on June 30 and July 4 to face a string of minor charges including drug possession and theft.

Meanwhile the Boisclair-McMahon family is at home. They spoke to CTV's Rob Lurie on Wednesday and said they are tired and overwhelmed, but happy to be at home and together.

If convicted, Poulin-Collins could face a maximum sentence of life in prison. One of the charges comes with a minimum sentence of five years.