MONTREAL -- Violent thunderstorms released a torrent of water on the city Tuesday evening flooding streets and homes. 

Rains flooded neighbourhoods across the Montreal area. Hochelaga, St-Leonard and St-Laurent were among the hardest hit according to Montreal police.

Highway 20 was closed in both directions at Angrignon Blvd. after cars were stranded due to flooding.

Montreal police closed the westbound section of Hochelaga Blvd. between l'Assomption St. and Bennett Ave. because the road was flooded. 

"There's no accident, there's just so much water. It's crazy. We don't want vehicles to go to the street," said media relations officer Jean-Pierre Brabant.

The Montreal fire department responded to numerous flooding-related calls. Sewers backed up and water filled dozens of basements, according to Patrick Fournel chief of operations with the Montreal fire department.

Paige Becker, Freddy Bohbot and Anita Evangelista captured the videos above on the Decarie Expressway, in Lachine and in Montreal North.