Calum Shaub began spin painting on a potter's wheel in school in a flurry of mess and magic.

He now calls it a riot of colour. His art is about the process as well as the end result.

"It's a performance, so I'm trying to capture the natural phenomenon of paint on a surface," he said.

The goal is to allow the paint to move and shape itself.

"All these sort of natural phenomenon that I'm trying to capture and really let go," he said. "The hand of the artist is removed, and it's sort of chaos at play, science at play."

He does not scrimp on paint, pouring large amounts on the canvas in bright colours adding elements in an organic way.

He is inspired by circus arts.

"I now have this kind of homemade bicycle that I hand pedal, and I have a bigger rig that can spin up to 20-foot canvases, and the trapezes that deploy paint over the surface and I keep on developing to challenge myself working with non-conventional tools," he said.

With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, Schaub promotes positivity and takes the negative criticism on social media and transforms them into colourful panels.

"I do get a lot of criticism because it is different and so sometimes people call it fake art," he said.