A woman died overnight on Sunday after she drove the wrong way on the Ville Marie Expressway and crashed into an oncoming car, the Surete du Quebec has confirmed.

The driver of the second car has minor injuries.

The crash

The woman entered the Ville Marie Expressway, also known as Highway 720, from the St. Marc exit at Rene Levesque.

She was travelling westbound in the eastbound lanes.

She traveled several kilometers before crashing head-on into a car driven by a 23-year old man driving south as he was exiting from Highway 15 for Highway 720 eastbound.


There are signs that indicate the ramp is an exit and cars should not enter. There are four clearly visible signs featuring a red circle with a white bar through them, signifying "wrong way."

These warning signs can be seen clearly in the day time.

There is also an electronic sign that was broken Sunday night and Monday morning. It usually reads "Entrée Interdite," but at the time of the accident it only read "Entrée."

Previous sign-related accident

On Feb. 22, 2008, man turned the wrong way into a one-way tunnel under the Ville Marie Express way at St. Marc.

He crashed into an oncoming mini van. Cam Cinar, a student visiting from Nova Scotia, broke his foot and totaled his car. The driver of the mini van's legs were broken.

Police said snow removal crews had taken down a sign that indicated the tunnel was one way, and said that was a factor in the incident.