ST-LAMBERT -- Who needs a sugar shack? St-Lambert residents with a taste for maple have taken to tapping trees in their backyard.

Alan Proctor lives in a tree-lined part of St-Lambert. Earlier this year, he got a knock on the door from one of his neighbours.

“He asked me if he could use my two trees to put a bucket up ... to take the maple syrup,” Proctor said. 

Those two buckets became more than 20 set up in the neighbourhood near the corner of Maple Avenue and River Street, a project spearheaded by a household that wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks to their efforts, the whole neighborhood has gotten a taste of the sticky Canadian treat. 

“It’s delicious, it’s very good. Not too sweet and syrupy,” said Katherine Banham, another resident who has buckets set up on trees in her yard. 

It has been a spectacular winter for those who make, and eat, syrup, as the output in sap has been strong. However, with many sugar shacks closed during the pandemic, some are getting creative: This year, the kids are getting involved.

“These days some parents have trouble giving kids things to do, so it’s good to take advantage of what nature has to offer,” said Danielle Fecteau, another resident of the neighbourhood. 

Neighbours say it takes about two weeks for the sap to be boiled down into syrup. 

“It’s very tasty,” Proctor said. “I put a little drop of Scotch in mine.”