At a riding association event this summer in Westmount, the wife of one of Quebec's most prominent politicians insulted Canadians who live in Saskatchewan and Ontario, and said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was incompetent.

Isabelle Brais, wife of Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Francois Legault, was the guest of honour at a party fundraiser for CAQ candidates Benoit Charette, the incumbent for Deux Montagnes, and Michelle Morin, who is running in Westmount-Saint Louis.

CTV obtained a recording that was made by someone in the crowd of 40 people attending the fundraiser on August 14.

In the recording, Brais's lack of respect for the prime minister is clear.

"I don't think he's competent. That's it. Do you work for Justin Trudeau? Yeah, I shouldn't have said that, I shouldn't have said that. I won't say it again, I promise," said Brais.

She criticized a state visit that Trudeau made to India in February with a delegation of ministers, parliamentarians, and other dignitaries and officials.

The trip came under fire after it was revealed that Jaspal Atwal, who has a conviction for attempted murderer, had been invited to to take part in the trip and was photographed in Mumbai with Trudeau's wife.

Brais said in August that "I think that Justin Trudeau did not do a good job in India."

She then pointed out that a CAQ government would not work closely with the federal government, and would not be able to make any changes to the Constitution.

"[Cooperation] is not going to happen with Justin Trudeau, it's not going to happen with Justin Trudeau. [His] father was brilliant, but he is not," said Brais.

Brais said her husband's party was going to put Quebec and French-Quebecers first, and that under Legault's leadership the provincial government would likely eliminate the "anglophone ministry," which is the secretariat currently overseen by Kathleen Weil.

Brais, who lived in Toronto for several years, also used the occasion to say that people in Ontario and Saskatchewan have no culture.

"Have you been to Saskatchewan? It's almost the United States," said Brais, adding that people who live in Ontario "just watch American TV."

Brais later apologized for her speech in a statement from the CAQ.

"I apologize publicly to the Canadian Prime Minister for this awkwardness. Sometimes the words go well beyond the thought and this time it was definitely the case. I am very sorry for that," said Brais.

Legault was questioned about her comments on Wednesday, and said that his wife is her own woman.

"She's independent and she's got her own opinions and she said also that she's sorry. What can I say more?" said Legault.