A Montreal-area IT consultant is hoping to make his childhood dream come true.

The aviation enthusiast recently bought a dilapidated plane from the 1940s.

Benoit de Mulder, president of Avialogs - an nonprofit aircraft restoration organization - is hoping to restore it to its rightful place in Canadian aviation history.

In addition to taking place in the D-Day invasion on June 6th, 1944, the DC3 later played a part in Operation Market Garden, the allied effort in the Netherlands  to end the war early.

After the war, the plane was retrofitted as a passenger plane for Trans Canada Airlines - the precursor to Air Canada.

Neglect and vandals took a toll until de Mulder bought the plane and transferred ownership to the non-profit organization Avialogs. The dream now is to get it back in the air as it was during its TCA years.

The interior has to be stripped, and all of the moving surfaces - the rudder, elevators and ailerons are material. The plane will need to be disassembled, and parts either restored or replaced. 

With a report by Derek Conlon.