MONTREAL -- Veteran CHOM 97.7 radio host Terry DiMonte is stepping away from the mic after 43 years. 

The popular Montreal radio host is set for his final live broadcast at the end of the month on May 28.

“It’s a very difficult thing to walk away from something that has been so good to me and that I love so much,” said DiMonte in a news release. “It was a very tough decision for me to make, but one I’ve been pondering for a couple of years, and it is time for a new chapter… one that doesn’t include getting up in the middle of the night!”

DiMonte said he loves the job but there are parts of it he won't miss -- like the wake-up time.

"This is the greatest job I have ever had, but the toughest part is getting up in the middle of the night. It takes a toll on your relationships, on your health. It is not a normal time of day to be up. That part won’t be missed," he said.

The station is inviting listeners to send their favourite memories of the host via social media or by calling 514-931-5373.

"He's the sound of Montreal in the morning and we're all going to miss him, but I certainly applaud his decision to leave and leave on a high note," said his colleague Ken Connors.

DiMonte was born in Verdun and raised on Montreal's West Island and began his broadcasting career in Churchill, Manitoba in 1978.

He joined CHOM as the "Morning Man" in 1984, and moved to MIX 96 in the '90s.

He then took over for George Balcan at CJAD 800 and returned to CHOM via a four-year stint at Q107 in Calgary.

“One of the beautiful things born out of Terry’s broadcasting career is the relationships that he has made with thousands of people that he will never actually come into contact with,” said CHOM 97.7 program director Mathew Wood. “He received one of the biggest compliments possible for a broadcaster when a listener wrote in, ‘You feel like a friend that I have never met.’ He is a gentleman and a true professional.”

DiMonte has been involved with various charities for the past 37 years including the Montreal Children's Hospital, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the West Island and Sun Youth.  

It's a "strange time to retire after such an illustrious career" said 'Peppermint' Patti L'Orange, DiMonte's former CHOM co-host.

"I mean there should be a parade, there should be parties. I feel for him in that respect," she said.

DiMonte is feeling thankful, though.

"Thank you, gosh, it meant the world to me that people have been so kind to me, that listeners have been so supportive, have enjoyed the show, encouraged and welcomed me," he said. "I don’t know anything else than to say thank you, merci beaucoup."