MONTREAL -- A resolution seems imminent between the Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) and the student the school is suing for posting racy pictures.

According to a report in Le Devoir, UQAM and visual arts student Helene Boudreau are in talks to find a “satisfactory solution,” though the legal proceedings have not been suspended. According to Le Devoir, a hearing for an injunction filed last week has been postponed indefinitely.

Jason Novak, the lawyer representing Boudreau, would not do an interview with CTV News but did confirm the details of the Le Devoir article.

In a statement posted to their website, UQAM acknowledged that legal proceedings have been postponed to allow the two parties to continue negotiating the terms of an agreement. 

The school acknowledged an outpouring of public support for Boudreau, saying the school "did not wish to (hinder) freedom of expression, a value which is dear to us. We do not harbor any prejudices about sex work, either. The legal proceedings are in no way intended to prohibit the student from disseminating intimate photos of herself on social networks or otherwise."

UQAM initiated the legal proceedings after Boudreau allegedly posted content to her OnlyFans account featuring the school's logo. OnlyFans is a website where users create adult content for subscribers.

The lawsuit inspired several former UQAM students to post their own racy photos with the school's logo as a protest in solidarity with Boudreau.