The massive renovation of the Turcot Interchange is getting two significant additions.

On Thursday, Quebec Transport Minister Andre Fortin announced the addition of a bike and pedestrian bridge over Highway 20, linking NDG to the Southwest Borough.

The Green Sky bridge was included in some initial plans for the Turcot but was later dropped.

A new nature park was also added, and will be built on the site of the old Highway 20 and part of the Turcot Yards. Fortin said there will be manmade hills to shield the park from noise.

“It will be interesting for the people in the sky coming into Montreal, it will be an entrance,” said city councillor responsible for parks Luc Ferrandez. “You’ll be beside hills on which we’ll plant trees… it will be a beautiful entrance into the city.”

Public consultations will be held on both projects, but not dates have yet been announced. No price tag has been announced but the cost will be split between the city and provincial government.