While there were no major incidents following the "Freedom Convoy" demonstrations outside the Quebec legislature last month, Quebec City says there was a sizeable bill after everyone went home.

The city said Thursday the cost to manage the protest from Feb. 3 to 6 was $636,315, most of which was attributed to paid overtime for police officers and other city workers.Overtime costs totaled $598,372.

There was also $37,943 in "goods and services" related to the protest, according to an accounting estimate provided by the city.

In February, a convoy of trucks and other vehicles descended on the provincial capital to protest public health measures related to COVID-19.

The city said it did not consider it appropriate to claim these costs from the provincial government, which has provided "$55.7 million for the years 2020 and 2021 for the additional expenses caused by the pandemic."

The full costs from the demonstration on Feb. 19 have not yet been tabulated, it said.

The City of Ottawa is, however, is facing much higher costs due to the "Freedom Convoy" that seized the city's downtown core for more than three weeks.

A city manager told reporters on Feb. 23 that the demonstration cost the city roughly $30 million, although that was said to be a "soft estimate."

Police in Quebec City said they handed out 122 general infractions, 48 parking tickets and made three arrests during the four-day protest, which they said was peaceful.

One person was charged with obstruction, one was on a previous warrant, and police did not say what the third arrest was.

Officers also handed out 50 tickets for disorderly conduct, including excessive horn blowing, 72 for road infractions and 48 parking tickets. One vehicle was towed.