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Tom Brady plays for the Montreal Expos? Company explores 'what if' in new ad


What would the world be like if NFL superstar Tom Brady had instead played baseball with the Montreal Expos?

That's one question a company that makes sports trading cards is asking as it tries to entice people to their business.

In a new ad for Topps, an American company that manufactures trading cards and other collectibles, Brady is drafted in the 18th round by the Montreal Expos in 1995 -- something that actually happened.

In reality, the man long considered the GOAT chose to pursue a football career, but the ad looks at the "what ifs" if he had decided to play baseball instead: seven rings, 23 seasons, 649 home runs and a budding second career as a car salesman.

The ad, which takes place in "Brady's Brasserie," features "fans" with accents more closely resembling the French and points out, "without him, they would have moved us out of Montreal."

The Expos, the first Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise outside the United States, relocated to Washington, D.C. after the 2004 season, becoming the Washington Nationals.

The ad promoting the "power hitter" features a new limited edition rookie Brady card as part of the 1995 Dream Draft Picks.

According to the company, there are just 162 cards being made, with 81 bearing Brady's autograph. Top Stories

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