MONTREAL -- A group of adult education students with special needs are doing their part to help front line workers by making a piece of vital pandemic-era equipment.

The students at the Galileo Adult Education Centre say they get a rush from giving back to those who gave me so much during the pandemic by making protective visors.

“It fills my heart full and it makes me happy that I know I'm helping other people that need the protection,” said student Nancy Leopardi.

The students work together to make the gear, which is distributed by the regional health authority to those working to battle against COVID-19.

“This project is very special because they actually get to see that their hands-on work is helping the community,” said teacher Julie Mancini.

Teacher Luciana Franceschini said she can see how much it means to the students to be entrusted with such important work.

“They're really focused. I have to say, when they realized how much this is helping and how it's helping essential workers, it's huge,” she said. “You can see the smile on their face. They're really proud and we're really proud of them.”

“It makes me feel good,” said student Ruby Mary Ipekiam. “It makes me feel good for them to be safe and protected.”

The group also gets a feeling of accomplishment from disproving stereotypes.

“Just because we're special needs, doesn't mean we're not capable of doing more things,” said Leopardi. “Sometimes they put labels that we're not capable to do a lot of stuff, but we are capable. Just give us a chance and we'll show them.”