The owner of a dog that attacked an eight-year-old girl in Brossard a year ago did not show up for his court date Tuesday in Longueuil.

Karim Jean-Gilles faces a charge of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

His mother Hyacinth Parker also faces the same charge.

Both were charged with the crime Nov. 3, more than a year after Vanessa Biron was attacked.

Though Parker did not appear, her lawyer represented her. She returns to court on Feb. 17 for her next appearance.

Neither Jean-Gilles nor a lawyer on his behalf made an appearance, resulting in the judge ordering another summons to appear. That summons was delivered by bailiff.

Jean-Gilles is now scheduled to return to court on Feb. 17 as well.

Should he not appear on that date, the judge can order an arrest warrant.

Vanessa Biron was attacked by two dogs while playing in Marquise Park in Brossard in September 2015. Witnesses said one of the dogs bit and clawed at her face, head and neck before it could be pulled away. According to witnesses, the dog was not on a leash.

The girl's skull was punctured by the dog's fangs and her jaw was crushed.

Vanessa underwent a seven-hour surgery and a long recovery period.

The dog that attacked the girl was euthanized soon after.

Witnesses have described the dog as a pit bull. Police said it was a “massive” and “muscular” dog that weighed about 100 pounds.

Jean-Gilles was arrested at the time, but later released.

Prosecutor Claudie Gilbert explained that they needed to gather all the evidence they could before laying the charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and that it was an ongoing investigation. The Crown was only recently allowed to lay the charges.

The Crown said this kind of criminal accusation is rare, but added that dog attacks are also rare.

This attack also prompted Brossard to amend its dangerous dog bylaws this past summer. No new pit bulls are allowed and the bylaw imposes strict rules for certain pit bull owners.