An artist living in Montreal is on a mission to help the city's homeless women.

Tricia Robinson is raising money for a cause that, until a year ago, she did not know existed.

"Chez Doris needs underwear, they're in dire situations right now," said Robinson.

It turns out women's shelters in Montreal need feminine hygiene products--and lots of them.

"As a woman I definitely experience that but never thought of what if I never had access to these products? It's just not a worry I have in my life," said Robinson.

So she created a piece of art called Periods: They Exist. Robinson sells prints for $14, and the proceeds go to buying tampons, pads, and other products needed by homeless women.

Marina Boulos-Winton of Chez Doris said the shelter needs many items because renovations have cleared out their stock, while refugees are also making a substantial demand.

"The need is for panty liners, pads for women who have incontinence issues, so one of our biggest needs is for pull up adult diapers," said Boulos-Winton.

Robinson hand-delivers what she can.

"The clientele really appreciate it. Being homeless or living in poverty really has an effect on your mental health so when you see that people care, it makes them feel better," said Robinson.

In the past few weeks Robinson has received orders from Montreal, but also from Ontario and Australia.

"I think with the amount of support I'm receiving, I'm a little awestruck," said Robinson.

"I've never felt like I've had a louder voice in my life."

She hopes to inspire other artists to raise money for similar causes and end the stigma around menstruation and the need to help women.