In the aftermath of racist fans taunting black hockey player Jonathan-Ismael Diaby in St. Jerome, another player has come forward with similar allegations of bigotry in hockey rinks.

Sean Kalombo plays high school hockey in St. Jerome and says he heard racial taunts from parents and players this week during a pivotal regular season game.

Kalombo’s team was playing against a school from Mascouche when his stepfather says some parents began yelling the n word at his stepson. 

“The parents asked him to fight,” said Jonathan Chatel. 

The Quebec Student Sport Federation runs the high school league and says that security asked those parents to leave, which they did.

Still, Chatel says that the Mascouche team torments his son with racial slurs whenever they play against one another.

Often, it’s the parents who are the aggressors. 

The Quebec Student Sport Federation has asked the two schools to meet and come up with solutions to make sure that the taunts don’t happen again.

If they continue, they say that the team responsible will no longer be allowed to host games.