Laval police say swastikas were spraypainted in 13 locations across the city on Monday night.

The hateful symbol was emblazoned on cars, houses, park benches and a chalet in a park,along with other white power symbols, and an X-ed out Star of David. 

Four days later the swastikas remain in place on city property.

Corey Fleischer is in the business of removing graffiti and sees a lot of hateful tagging, but says it's rare to see so many.

“The sort of a thing that I saw today happens to be the worst attack that I've come across since I started doing this in the city,” he said.

He said it bothered him that the tags were left up so long, so he decided to clean the buildings himself at his own cost.

It's not uncommon for Nazi symbols to be spraypainted on public and private property in and around Montreal.

Last year a car was set on fire in Park Extension after swastikas were painted on it.

In March police questioned one man after swastikas were painted on five cars in NDG, and threatening messages with a bullet were left at the scene.  

Laval police said they're investigating, but for the time being can't say whether this is a hate crime. The working hypothesis is that it's the work of a few teenagers who were out to cause some trouble without realizing just how offensive their actions are.