Sun Youth has to find a new home.

The Commission Scolaire de Montreal, which has been renting the former Baron Byng high school to the charity organization for 36 years, voted Wednesday to end Sun Youth's lease.

The school board said it needs the building because of an influx of students in the neighbourhood.

"We have to keep this building for the needs of our kids from the Plateau, from downtown and from all the neighbourhoods behind Jeunesse au Soleil," said Catherine Harel-Bourdon, the chair of the CSDM.

Established in 1954, Sun Youth has been renting the building at the corner of Rachel and St. Urbain since 1981, and while it's known for several months that the move was likely, they're still disappointed.

"It's an emotional attachment for everyone. For our volunteers, our founders who spend their time here," said Ernest Rosa.

The school board said it is willing to share the school's gymnasium on weekends and weeknights, but sharing the entire building is not possible.

Harel-Bourdon said the building will also have to undergo renovations before students can move in.

"There are a lot of problems inside the building with the rooftop, with everything," said Harel-Bourdon.

"We have to think about having our kids from the Plateau, from downtown, from all the neighbourhoods to have this transition place for the new families, for new immigrants that are arriving in Montreal right now."

The board expects to admit 5,000 new students in the next five years. At the same time the FACE school in the downtown core must undergo renovations and those students will need a place to study.

Sun Youth organizers have already started looking for another location, and has expressed an interest in moving into the former Hotel Dieu hospital once it is renovated in several years.

The transition timeline is not yet fixed, but Sun Youth will have anywhere from 18 to 36 months to move out.