A Montreal lawyer has taken one of comedian Sugar Sammy’s jokes a touch too seriously.

In a Facebook post where he describes his “good deed of the day,” Francois Coté recounts the tale of how he made an official complaint with the province’s language watchdogs after spotting one of the newest ads for the comedian’s latest run of stand-up shows.

The ad reads: “For Christmas, I’d like a complaint from the Office de la Langue Francaise.”

Coté writes that since Sammy asked for it “with such insistence, it is my pleasure to carry out my civic duty in lodging a complaint against you to the OQLF.”

He included a link to the complaint form for those who may want to follow suit. (See post below)

Some commenters commended his efforts, others chastise him, and a few argue his "good deed" may be for naught since, they say, the complaint will almost definitely be thrown out.

The comedian has previously referred to himself as a Bill 101 success story – a first generation Canadian, he was brought up in Quebec and speaks fluent, if accented, French.

Sammy’s shows, the bilingual You’re Gonna Rire and French-only En Francais SVP are hits in Quebec. He also performs internationally.

The reaction to the stunt mocking the divisive subject of policing language in Quebec has been mixed been so far, the comedian's representative Leisa Lee told CTV Montreal Friday evening. Sugar Sammy was performing in Chicoutimi Friday evening.