Steve's Music Store is being forced to move after more than 50 years – but they say they’re looking at it as an opportunity.

The landmark store at 51 Saint-Antoine St. W. received an expropriation letter from the government in March of this year.

The current location will close sometime in the next few months and they hope to have the new location at 150 Ste-Catherine St. E open by early fall.

The music store has been at its current location since May 1965.

Many of the employees have been there for decades, including its general manager Sheldon Salzant, who has worked there for 40 years.

Steve’s is known for the sheer number of instruments it carries, as well as how each is displayed in its own area.

Moving thousands of instruments is no easy feat, but employees say it has to happen, so they'd rather see this as an opportunity for something new and exciting.

“There’s mixed reactions. Obviously they’re a little melancholy, because a lot of the staff, including myself, grew up in this location. I’ve been here 40 years, very happily, but we’re also excited about the new move. It’s energizing everybody to try to continue the legacy of Steve’s Music Store,” said Sazant.