The SPCA has launched an investigation into a dog found dead and tied to a leash in Angrignon Park.

Tara McBrine said one of her two dogs found the dog hidden in a snowbank Tuesday morning.

"My dog was just sniffing at a snow pile and wouldn't come to me for a treat, so I figured I would go check out what was going on, and she was sniffing at a dead dog underneath the snow," she said.

McBrine called authorities and she was told the animal’s body would be removed from the park on Wednesday.

“Right away I called the police,” she said. “The city came, and they left the dog there.”

The SPCA said in a Facebook post Wednesday that it went to the scene to confirm the animal’s death. It called the dog ‘Henri’ and the angency has since taken the corpse to its offices.

“Henri is a large, unsterilized adult male dog with drooping ears. His fur is predominantly grey with some white on the chest and around the neck. A veterinary examination will be performed on his body to determine the circumstances of his death,” the SPCA said in the post.

McBrine is disgusted by what she saw, calling it inhumane.

“If you don’t want your dog anymore, bring him to the SPCA, bring him to an animal shelter, let him run around in the street,” she said. “He tied him to a tree in a park. He’s not going to get away. He left him there to die.”

The SPCA is asking for the public’s help to track down the dog's owner.

Anyone with information related to this case is asked to contact the SPCA at or 514-735-2711 extension 2230. All tips are treated confidentially.