Three years after the Charbonneau Commission filed its report on corruption in the awarding of contracts in the construction industry the implementation of the commission’s recommendations have been a mixed bag, according to a study.

On Tuesday, the Public Committee for the Follow-Up on Recommendations from the Charbonneau Report concluded that 29 of the commission’s recommendations have been satisfactorily implemented, 12 have been partially implemented and 19 have not been implemented at all.

Last year at this time, the committee noted significant progress, with 60 per cent of the recommendations being fully or partially implemented. This year, that has risen just slightly to 70 per cent.

In the report, the committee called on Quebec’s new government to pay particular attention to recommendations aimed at restoring Quebecers’ confidence in their elected representatives. They also call on the provincial government to review a municipal audit that wasn’t put in place, despite the commission’s request, and to do more to protect whistleblowers.