Funeral services were held at CFB Valcartier Wednesday for Major Yannick Pepin, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan earlier this month.

Pepin and Cpl. Jean-Francois Drouin, both combat engineers with the Royal 22nd Regiment, were killed by the same bomb on Sept. 6.

Pepin was the highest ranking officer to lose his life in the field.

Major Eric Fortin is grieving the loss of his best friend.

"The way he listen to me when I talk or the way he talk to me when he is angry, frustrated or happy. But he's a guy who is always happy and also there for everybody," said Maj. Fortin.

The Valcartier base has held military funerals for 22 of its soldiers since their deployment began two years ago.

Most of the Van Doos who have been killed were victims of roadside bombs.

Among the mourners were serving and retired soldiers who attended the processional on motorcycle.

According to Michel Parent, they attend because they are brothers-in-arms.

"Almost all of our people already did a tour in Afghanistan, or a mission with the DN forces, so we understand what happen with the family," said Parent.

During the ceremony Chaplain Jason Kouri called on mourners to support the families of fallen soldiers.

"Our presence, our support, they need our prayers, they need a hope too in the midst of grief," said Kouri.

The Van Doos time in Afghanistan is about to end.

They'll start returning to their home base at the end of this month and the last of them will be home in November.