American rapper Snoop Dogg will be talking about money and marijuana in Montreal late this year.

He is one of the featured speakers at the C2 Montreal event taking place in May.

The rapper and producer will be on stage to "share his ideas and expertise" in cannabis along with his Merry Jane business partner, Ted Chung.

Snoop Dogg is the founder of venture capital firm Casa Verde Capital, which invests in emerging companies of products and services in addition to the sale of cannabis, and has financed multiple companies in agriculture, technology, financial services, health and media. The company recently invested $ 2 million in the Trellis Group, a provider of seed stock management software in Canada.

C2 Montreal claims that Snoop Dogg is the spokesperson for all things business and cannabis, and stresses its presence in the context of the upcoming changes in Quebec and Canada in the laws governing the sale and use of cannabis. .

The Canadian government is getting ready to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, possibly this summer.

Other speakers at the event include Daniel Franklin, the executive editor of The Economist, Katharina Borchert, the chief innovation officer of Mozilla, and Sophia -- the robot designed by Hanson Robotics.

C2 Montreal is a three-day event that includes conferences, workshops, experimental brainstorming sessions, meetings, performances and festivities.