A small part of the Lachine Canal may be off limits all summer, even though workers will only begin repairs in the fall.

A stretch of wall is about to fall into the water.

“Citizens have been calling us and saying ‘Oh my God, what are you going to do?” said Lachine Borough Mayor Maja Vodanovic.

She called Parks Canada, which is planning a $2 million repair job on the wall, set to begin in October.

Until then, the sidewalk between 18th and 21st Aves is off limits, as is part of the waterway where some people kayak.

Some residents say they’re upset they'll lose this stretch of the water for the entire summer.

The borough says Parks Canada has other, more pressing repair jobs on the canal, such as the areas in LaSalle, Montreal West and Saint-Henri.

In the meantime, barriers have been erected in the area – unsightly, perhaps, but safe.

The good news? At least it’s an infrastructure project that will have no impact on car traffic.