Another woman has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against MNA Gerry Sklavounos.

Maude-Felixe Gagnon, a member of the Liberal Party of Quebec’s youth wing, wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday that Sklavounos assaulted her three years ago, when she was 15.

In the post, Gagnon cited reports that began circulating in November of misconduct on Sklavounos’ part and said that she was the anonymous victim mentioned.

She did not go into detail of the behaviour but said that three years later, “I’m finally at peace with what happened.”

In an interview with La Presse, Gagnon said visited the National Assembly to listen in to question period when she crossed paths with Sklavounos, who invited her to his office. She said once in the office, Sklavounos asked a series of questions that made her uncomfortable, touched her thigh and kissed her against her will. She also said Sklavounos invited her to dinner and sent her inappropriate text messages.

Sklavounos has not responded to the allegations.

Gagnon said she wanted to set the record straight on how Liberal officials handled the situation, saying she was encouraged to file a formal complaint and speak to professionals and was encouraged throughout the process.

Earlier this week, members of the Coalition Avenir Quebec accused the Liberals of covering up sexual scandals, pointing to Sklavounos and Yves St-Denis.

On Tuesday, St-Denis was forced out of the caucus after it was revealed he was being investigated for sexual harassment. St-Denis admitted he had sent an image from a pornographic film to a female employee of the Liberal party.

In 2016, Sklavounos was accused of sexually assault a Quebec City restaurant hostess twice in 2014, when the woman was 19. He left the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent shortly after.

 In February, 2017, the Crown announced he would not be charged with any crimes, but the Laurier-Dorion MNA was not permitted to return to the Liberal caucus.