Montreal bus drivers are on the watch for more than just potholes as several STM buses have been pulled over and issued tickets by SAAQ officers and several others were towed in recent weeks.

According to the STM, 60 tickets have been handed out and five buses towed due to being too heavy to be on the road. The STM said the issue has been known to the SAAQ for years and usually ignored, but the tickets have been issued as a pressure tactic as union members negotiate a new collective agreement.

In a statement, STM officials said no tickets have been handed out while commuters were onboard the buses, but the process did cause delays in drivers starting their routes.

“The STM is closely monitoring the situations and every effort is being made to limit the consequences,” they said. “We will keep our customers informed if service disruptions are expected to intensify.”

The Societe de Transport de Laval also expressed concern over the situation, saying the Quebec Transport Ministry is aware of the buses’ weight situation and various government offices have been working to resolve the situation for several years.

“We are surprised that the SAAQ officers decided to take such steps, everywhere in Quebec, by threatening to take hostage thousands of users of public transportation,” said the STL in a statement. “Government interventions is therefore required to quickly minimize the impact on customers.”