Part of the railway that runs through the Town of Mount Royal will be covered as the track is gradually transformed into the REM.

Of the two kilometres of track, 150 metres will be underground.

It's not as much as Mayor Philippe Roy asked for last December, but eight months later he says he is pleased with what will happen.

"It's a great day for the community. It's a historic moment for TMR," said Roy.

The green space will be located next to the REM station for TMR between Graham St. and Cornwall St.

The ultimate look of the space will be decided at a later date by the town, although the town is already setting aside $6.5 million to develop the area.

"You have not only mobility, you have not only green space, you'll also have a space where people can live, sit, enjoy the surroundings of the city of Mount Royal. And decide to take the train and go somewhere," said Harout Chitilian of CDPQ Infra, the Caisse de Depot-owned company that is building and will run the REM.

Some residents said they would like to see a dog park, while others are tired of the construction that is not slated to end for several years.

With the existing Deux-Montagnes commuter train line set to close in the next few months residents are bracing for more headaches.

Once the REM is complete hundreds of trains will pass through TMR each day, but Roy does not think that will generate any complaints.

"For the last 107 years we had this problem crossing east to west or west to east. So now with this place, this public space, we're answering the problem," said Roy.