MONTREAL -- Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) has issued a recall on several products sold at IGA Les Marches Louise Menard, located at 865 Sainte-Catherine St. E.

The items being recalled are:  

  • Multiple brands of sliced bread sold until Aug. 4
  • Rice, lentils, chickpeas, barley and bean medleys from multiple brands
  • Exotic chips by the brand Terra, in multiple sizes
  • Sea salt flavoured rice chips by the brand Lundberg
  • Cold barbecue wings, prepared at the IGA in question
  • Cold tender chicken, also prepared at the IGA in question 

The MAPAQ says the products above have been “altered in such a way that makes them unfit for human consumption.” The recall applies to items purchased until Aug. 4 and only at this location and includes both refrigerated and unrefrigerated items. 

People who currently possess any of the above items are being asked to return them to the store in question or to throw them out. 

The MAPAQ says no one has reported being sick as a result of consuming these items thus far, and that the recall was made as a precaution after discussions between the store, the city of Montreal and MAPAQ.