It’s not often a 14-year-old gets to be a national champion and hang around with Olympians, but wrestler Alex Moore is doing just that.

Alex was born to be a wrestler, and was involved in the sport from a very young age.

My dad would bring me in the baby carriage right next to where he'd coach people and I would just watch for three hours every practice,” he said.

His father, Rob Moore, doesn’t deny the boy spent a lot of time in the gym.

“He grew up here in the wrestling room and he used to run around with all the other wrestlers,” he said. “He didn't really know who they were he just knew them as guys at the club.”

Those guys at the club were national, Olympic and UFC champions, like 2012 Olympian David Tremblay.

“We see him as part of the team, and at such a young age we all grew up with him and he's like a little brother to a lot of us,” he said.

Alex developed a love of the sport and became a Canadian champion this year.

“I really enjoy competing and training and all aspects of it. I mean the technique, everything, it's such a good feeling when I move nicely or perfectly,” he said.

World wrestling champion and Olympian Martine Dugrenier said fellow wrestlers are proud of the teen they watched grow up.

For us to see him pick up wrestling and learn all the techniques and then win his first national championship, it was great news,” said Dugrenier.

Alex’s father – who is not only his coach, but teaches at his school -- said his biggest concern is letting Alex get away from the sport he’s so passionate about.

“I have made a conscious effort to not make it a lesson every second we are at home,” he said.

Though his father worries an overload of wrestling might make him lose his passion, it seems clear that’s not happening any time soon.

“It's a really great feeling to step on the mat and win a match,” he said. “My goals are to go win the Olympics and the World Championships as many times as I can.”

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