GRANBY -- The ongoing strike by Canadian National Railway workers could lead to 80 per cent of Quebec's propane reserves being used up within the next 24 hours, the Association quebecoise du propane (AQP) warned Wednesday.

Raymond Gouron, director-general of the AQP, is urging both parties in the labour stoppage to reach a negotiated settlement right away.

The APQ says that a prolonged strike affecting freight service would not only impact Quebec's propane industry, but the countless businesses and consumers who use the gas.

Gouron says that agricultural conditions are not ideal for the production of new propane at this time of year, which is why keeping up the reserves are essential to maintaining the province's supply.

About 3,200 CN workers went on strike just after midnight Tuesday in a job action that so far has only affected freight services, not passenger trains.

The workers, who have been without a contract since July 23, say they're concerned about long hours, fatigue and what they consider dangerous working conditions. They are also fighting against a lifetime cap on prescription drug coverage.

This Canadian Press report was first published Nov. 20, 2019.