The minimum wage in Quebec will increase by $0.25 per hour effective May 1, bringing it to $10.15.

This measure, announced Wednesday, will benefit more than 365,000 workers in Quebec, including more than nine out of 10 working in the service sector, particularly in the hospitality, catering and retail.

The minimum wage for employees who receive tips will rise from $8.55 to $8.75, while the minimum wage for employees working in certain sectors of the clothing industry will be increased by $0.25/hour, from $9.90 to $10.15.

The minimum wage for berry pickers will also increase from $0.77 to $0.79 per kilogram for strawberry pickers and from $2.91 to $2.98 per kilogram for raspberry collectors.

The Quebec chapter of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said it is disappointed with the increase, saying it will be higher than the inflation rate and economic growth forecast for 2013.

According to the CFIB, the government is set to impose a minimum wage increase of 2.53 per cent for 2013, while inflation is expected to remain around 1.9 per cent and economic growth to 1.6 per cent. She further argues that in 10 years, the minimum wage in Quebec will have increased 39 per cent, while the average wage has increased 29 per cent since 2003.