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Quebec reports 679 more COVID-19 cases, with 460 of those not fully vaccinated


Quebec COVID-19 cases increased on Saturday with 679 new cases, including 460 people who were not fully vaccinated.

The province's health ministry said 435 of those who newly tested positive were unvaccinated, 25 received one dose of vaccine more than two weeks ago, and 219 were double-vaxxed more than a week ago.

The province also added three new deaths due to the disease, bringing that total to 11,440.

The health ministry said that 36 patients checked into a Quebec hospital for COVID-19 treatment and 28 were discharged, raising the hospitalization total to 309. Of the new patients, 19 were unvaccinated, two received one jab more than 14 days ago, and 15 were double-vaxxed more than 14 days ago.

Intensive care ward numbers dropped by one for a total of 78.

The vaccination rate for those eligible to receive a vaccine is now 86 per cent for two doses, and 90 per cent for one. Top Stories

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