Quebec and Montreal's public health directors confirmed the first vaping-related illness in the province.

Montreal director Mylene Drouin said at a news conference that a man in his 50s from the Montreal area was vaping since April to quit smoking cigarettes, and contracted an acute illness that tests, including X-rays, confirmed were due vaping with a legally purchased product.

Quebec director Horacio Arruda accompanied Drouin Friday at the news conference on the risks associated with vaping.

Arruda said an investigation is underway to determine if regulation may be needed related to vaping products.

"If the evidence that we have in the next days or months makes us think that the threat is very important, we could ban it," he said.

Drouin added that it is clear vaping comes with health risks.

"Vaping is not without any risk," said Drouin. "We recommend that youth, pregnant women and the general population who is not vaping to not start vaping any product."

For those vaping, Drouin said they should only use legal products and not alter the composition of the products.

Vapers should also quickly consult a doctor if symptoms arise.

"If they have respiratory symptoms, we ask them to consult rapidly, so we can see if it is associated with their vaping," said Drouin. 

The is a developing story that will be updated.