Quebec's COVID-19 hospitalizations rose again on Friday, but there was a also slight increase in ICU vacancy.

As of Friday morning, there were 1,887 people in hospital with COVID-19, marking a net rise of 27 compared to the previous day. 

However, 640 of those people were admitted because of COVID-19 symptoms, while the others tested positive after being hospitalized for other reasons. 

Forty-two of those patients are in the ICU -- down three from the day before.

Of that group, 22 were admitted primarily because of their COVID-19 symptoms. 

Meanwhile, 7,138 health-care workers are off the job due to the virus, whether that's because they got sick, or are awaiting test results. 

The province also reported that 11 more people have died after testing positive, bringing that total to 15,737. 

Public health logged 1,902 more positive PCR tests, which are reserved for select at-risk groups. There were also 656 self-declared rapid tests, which are available at most pharmacies. 

The province is aware of 489 active outbreaks, and the PCR positivity rate is now 15.1 per cent. 


Health-care workers have administered 12,506 vaccine doses to Quebecers since Thursday's update. 

In total, more than 20 million doses have been received by Quebecers. So far, 91 per cent of Quebecers over five have gotten their first booster, or third shot, while 16 per cent have gotten four. 

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