For nearly 80 years Chocolats Andrée has been serving up handmade chocolates—but in just two weeks, it will close its doors for good.

The chocolate business has been a family affair for 78 years. Stephanie Saint-Denis took over Chocolats Andree on Parc Ave. 10 years ago.

Her grandmother opened the business in 1940.

“I’ve been doing my homework in the back, in the kitchen, since I was a little girl and the staff would babysit me also,” said Saint-Denis.

Behind the small storefront is where the magic happens. Thirty different kinds of chocolate are made, incorporating ingredients like caramel and fruits.

Every piece is hand dipped.

“Hand dipping enables to sign every chocolate – and that means we temper the chocolate by hand it's not a machine that does it, so there’s a lot of love in every piece of chocolate,” said Saint-Denis.

Saint-Denis has sold the building and relocating is not in the plans. It was an emotional decision, she said, adding that she’s trying not to think about the final day, which will be on Dec. 31.

Ultimately, though, the time has come.

“We discussed with the employees, and they're receiving a very nice package,” said the owner. “They all seem happy.”