Around 100 protesters marched through Park Extension on Saturday to demonstrate against fascism and racism, days after a man was photographed atop a condo building holding a Nazi flag.

The man was seen waving the flag on top of the Hutchsion building during a May Day protest on Tuesday.

The photo shocked many residents, including Samiha Hossain, who helped organize the protest.

“I’m in Park Extension ever since I was born. We are a multicultural neighbourhood, a collection of nations, religions, cultures,” she said. “When I saw the flag, I was really shocked. Why would there be such a message in Park Extension? There’s no place for that.”

Protesters called for the police to act and for the condo board to identify the man. The condo board has reportedly said it’s cooperating with police and denounced the act but couldn’t release the name of the man.

On Thursday, The Gazette reported a prominent white supremacist who goes by the online name Zeiger is a Montreal resident. The report indicated the man has engaged in recruiting others to his cause in Montreal bars and apartments.

On Saturday, a collection of 11,000 messages from a secret chat room was released. In those messages, Zeiger communicates with others who identify as Nazis. The messages include racist slurs and plans to meet.