Lawyers are preparing the way for Luka Magnotta's first-degree murder trial for the death and dismemberment of Lin Jun.

More than two years after the 33-year-old Concordia student's death, and Magnotta's flight from the country and arrest in Germany, lawyers are not arguing about what jurors should be allowed to see when proceedings begin in the weeks to come.

Some of the evidence collected by police is gruesome, and the victim's family has asked the judge in the case to restrict what can be reported by media. The judge has agreed to take their request under advisement and is expected to render a decision before the trial gets underway.

Media organizations including CTV News have hired legal counsel to limit the scope of the publication bans.

"The father of the victim is seeking an order seeking restraining access to certain exhibits which he deems to be obscene. We agree with some of the exhibits but not others and that's the debate before the courts," explained media lawyer Mark Bantey.

Magnotta, who has gained weight and grown a moustache since his arrest, has been in court during the pre-trial proceedings.

Earlier this week he asked the judge to put any mention of his family members under a publication ban, a request the judge denied.

Magnotta changed his name during his twenties. His name at birth was Eric Clinton Kirk Newman.

If the legal proceedings stick to their schedule jury selection will begin on Sept. 8, with a full week devoted to finding suitable jurors and alternates.

The trial could begin with a first witness taking the stand on Sept. 22, 2014