MONTREAL-- Sian Bradwell only lived 17 months, but her brief life was not without importance.

The child, who died of a rare form of cancer 24 years ago, inspired her parents Sharon and Ken to hold fundraising events that have raised almost $1 million for the Montreal Children’s Hospital oncology ward.

Sharon said that there is no escaping the lifelong devastation of losing her child but the sad event inspired her to give back to the hospital that took care of the little girl before her death.

So along with her husband Ken, they have held countless charity softball games, bowling and other such fundraisers.

And a hospital representative said that the money has not gone to waste.

“I don’t think there’s a day that somebody isn’t in some way touched by their work,” said Valerie Frost of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, who cited upgrades to the hematology department, operating room, pathology equipment and pain management pumps.

Sharon Bradwell said that while there is no healing from the wound of losing her daughter Sian, the efforts have helped bring some significance to it.

“I couldn’t imagine her short life meaning nothing,” said Sharon Bradwell of her daughter Sian.

“She was just 17-months-old, a little baby, she didn’t have a chance to talk to people or anything like that but everybody, no matter how little, has a purpose in life and I think hers was maybe to inspire me to help other children.”

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