Once again, Justin Trudeau has demonstrated that sometimes he just doesn’t get it.

First, there was his support to allow women to cover their faces in citizenship ceremonies. He apparently does not believe that wearing a niqab is not an expression of freedom, but something that runs contrary to what we value and hold dear. It is not about respect for differences. It is the very antithesis of gender equality .

Now this week he crossed another line by trying to make politics with one of the darkest moments in human history.

“We should all shudder to hear the same rhetoric that lead to a ‘none is too many’ immigration policy toward Jews in the ‘30s and ‘40s being used to raise fears against Muslims today,” said Trudeau on Monday.

Trudeau obviously figures he is on solid ground comparing present day Canadian immigration policies to the odious anti -Jewish policies during the Second World War, when the Canadian government turned its back on Jews trying to flee the horrors of Europe.  

As far as I know there are no restrictions on Muslim immigration to Canada.

Such comparisons are poisonous and ill-advised. Trudeau may hope to position himself as the defender of individual rights and small “L” liberalism.  But too often he wades into perilous waters, and evoking the holocaust is shameful. 

Moreover, what is troubling is that the closer we get to a federal election, the more I fear the level of debate will deteriorate from all sides

Hydro-Quebec hiking fees

Hydro-Quebec is rolling in the dough. Your dough.

After posting a profit of over $3.5billion dollars last year, a 15 percent increase over the year before, Hydro-Quebec is going to the well once more: Another 2.9 percent increase this year. Well above the inflation rate. 

Rates have risen about 30 percent over the last decade.

Let’s face it. Electricity rates, like the huge markups at the SAQ, are hidden taxes. 

By the way, the CEO of Hydro is leaving on May 1.  His severance is estimated to be just shy of half a million dollars. 

We kept being told that Hydro belongs to all of us, a part of our collective wealth, which seems to want only to make us poorer one kilowatt at a time.

Protesters crashing parade

Our St. Patrick’s parade is one of the true joys of Montreal. It is a rite of spring and a non-political celebration of our community and its rich diversity.

So these anarchist idiots who smash windows ever year protesting police brutality say they will have their own downtown demonstration this year during the parade.  

They plan on wearing green and to obviously make trouble along the route.

I’m not sure what point these marginalized misfits want to make. But one, there must be zero tolerance from Montreal police at the first sign of any trouble. And two, the protestors should also be forewarned: Don’t mess with the Irish. Especially not on St. Paddy’s.