Sometimes there are feel good political stories and it warms my heart to see the Federal Liberals get their comeuppance in St-Laurent this week. They promised to do things differently but they proved it’s the same old wine in a brand new bottle.

It was clear that the Liberal machine didn’t want a man. No reason was ever given to Alan DeSousa as to why he was rejected by the party apparatchiks.

It must be a question of chromosomes, because he was an ideal candidate.

When the anointed one, Yolande James, was defeated by an unknown local candidate, it was a victory for democracy.

The Liberal members from St-Laurent showed they don’t want to be told what to do and they don’t want to be pushed around by people who obviously have no feel for the riding.

The voters were also not impressed by the way their minister, Stephane Dion, was dumped and sent into exile.

Justin Trudeau should learn from this. In St-Laurent the people have spoken and the by-election hasn’t even taken place.

Lights and ski jumps and rodeos, oh my

So, what do you get for 40 million bucks these days?

We got a sneak preview this week of the Jacques Cartier Bridge light show that will celebrate the 375th anniversary of Montreal. It seems that when it comes to the magic number of 375, there are no limits. It’s pretty enough, but $40 million of your money? 

How about the plan to create a ski jump off the Olympic Stadium tower for the 375th?

This isn’t a joke.  No one is laughing for sure.

Projet Montreal wonders what happened to the quarter of a million dollars the city paid to a company to build a ski jump. The money is gone and no ski jump to be found.

Another flight of fancy from your friends at City Hall.

Then there is the rodeo planned for the Old Port this summer, celebrating Montreal’s 375 years of rodeo tradition.

A spokesman said the rodeo makes sense because of Montreal’s long heritage with horses. Not sure how that connects with chuck wagons and chaps. This from an administration that claims to be so concerned with animal welfare. The Wild West indeed. 

A "perilous moment" for the U.S.

Veteran newsman Dan Rather has a lot to say on social media. His posts are thoughtful and thought provoking.

A few days ago, after the unsubstantiated Trump allegation of wiretapping by his predecessor, Rather wrote this and I think it’s a good reminder of what really is at stake in what he calls the “churning political hurricane” that is America today. I thought it was worth sharing

“The deepening divisions that are pulling at the fabric of our nation are on raw display… Many are questioning the mental fitness of our Commander and Chief. Perhaps it is my age or experience, but I feel no schadenfreude or eagerness to say, "I told you so." I feel only a deep and abiding sadness…The only antidote to these deep and understandable anxieties is the truth…

Our great nation is in a perilous moment, and the world is watching with great unease. We want the truth.”

Yes, Mr. Rather. We all do.